About Me

Krystal Posteraro
Paediatric Sleep Consultant

I am a certified sleep consultant with Jammytime.  I guide young babies and children to get the rest they need for healthy development. This is done by using a sleep training method that Mom and Dad are completely comfortable with.

When your love has learned to sleep well, parents get the rest they are craving and your family's priorities will fall in line.  A well rested family is a happy family!  Everyone deserves a good nights' sleep.

Doing what I love allows me to help fellow parents be the best version of themselves. It also allows me to keep the flexibility I need in my personal life to be Mom to my own two energetic, fun loving boys and support my family while doing so.

Why I want to help?

My first born baby boy is Gabriel, He brought so much joy to our lives and keeps that special place in our heart because he made us parents for the first time.

As blessed as we were to have this happy and healthy newborn in our lives, he was a terrible sleeper!! Endless nights of waking every 2hrs to feed him because we thought he was hungry. I would rock him back to sleep after a change and a burp only to wake again 2-3hrs later. This went on for months on end.

I finally hit rock bottom when he was around 11 months. I was desperate for a full night sleep. My mood had changed, my emotions were out of control and I knew I couldn't continue on this path for much longer without Gabriel suffering in the long run.

I desperately needed to reach out for help. I wasn’t able to be the Mom that he deserved.  

A friend told me about a sleep consultant. At the time I had never heard of such a profession.  I immediately reached out to her, hired her on the spot and never looked back.  Everything turned around. I regained my sanity and could be the fun and lovable Mom that I always wanted to be.   

AND…Gabriel has been sleeping great ever since.

It was the first and best decision we made for our new family. 


When Bentley, our second baby boy was born, it didn't take me long to reach out again and get help very early on this time. By 4 months I was working on a sleep plan to get us all the rest we needed. It didn't take long for him to turn inward and learn how to self soothe with his thumb. After which he became the absolute best sleeper a Mom could ask for. Minutes after being put down wide awake, every time he would fall sound asleep on his own. And never woke during the night. It was something I didn't think that was possible at such a young age. 

Our babies have the innate abilities to sleep through the night at such a young age. It's true!  We sometimes hinder that ability with sleep props such as using a pacifier, rocking, cuddling, nursing, bouncing, or doing other things to ensure they are comfortable.  This sets them up to rely on that prop as their means to falls asleep instead of learning on their own what can comfort them to sleep. They simply need a little bit of help learning how to do this on their own is all.  

When our babies are learning to rolling over, crawl, walk, and begin to speak, we guide them by showing them our support, consistency, and we instill their trust in us.  The same approach is used for sleep training. Protesting is a part of this process because learning a new skill can be frustrating at times.   With the love and support or their parents or caregiver, your baby will trust that you are leading them to the right path and by sleep training you will actually strengthen the bond you have with your little love. 

What do you have to lose? Besides a good nights' sleep.