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Love you Sleep consulting....


Mom of Avery

11 Months

"Cannot thank Krystal enough for her constant guidance & reassurance during sleep training our 11 month old to sleep.  I’m heading back to work soon and this was the peace of mind that kept us on top of the sleepless nights.  Your rest & mental health is totally worth every penny!  And your kids will be happier, healthier and thankful for the gift you’ve given them-quality sleep! Thanks again Krystal"


Dad of Ryker

2 Years

"Our 2 year old was an excellent sleeper until one night he just wasn't anymore. He would take forever to fall asleep, and would wake up several times in the night. After several minutes of him crying we would have to get up with him and rockin him back to sleep which could take up to an hour. This was exhausting and very frustrating as he used to be a perfect sleeper. We tried everything, turn up/down the heat, different jammies, put him in a big boy bed, change night time snack. None of these solutions worked, so we turned to Krystal. She was great right from the start. We had a trip planned before we really started to work with Krystal, but she gave us some advice to use until we got back from our trip and could really work on the details. She developed a straight forward plan that was easy to follow/track. From night number one things were back to normal already! Our boy was sleeping through the night, and falling asleep on his own in 15-20 minutes. We continued to follow the 4 week plan and before we knew it we would set him down in his crib, leave his room, and he would be down in 5-10 minutes, we had our evenings back! It has been about 2 months now since we finished the consultations with Krystal, and he continues to be an excellent sleeper, 10/10 would recommend Krystal!"


Mom of Scotti

10 Months old

"Prior to consulting Krystal, we reached the point of feeling completely defeated. Our ten month old was waking 3 times a night, fighting naps, and could only be soothed to sleep with nursing. I was exhausted and my husband was feeling helpless. We did some research and were hopeful to find some techniques, but we failed to have any luck.


With Krystal's expertise and experience, our daughter was sleeping through the night by our third night. She was falling asleep on her own, no longer needing to be nursed. Our days became more productive and pleasant with the nap schedule Krystal customized for our little one. I was beyond happy to see our daughter happy and playful, not over tired and cranky, and for the uninterrupted sleep I was getting.


We cannot thank Krystal enough for her thorough help, and for building healthy sleep habits for our growing love. Bedtime and naps are no longer a stressor in our home!!"